Caring for your YuYu

We want you to get the most out of your gorgeously soft YuYu® Cover; so please take the time to read our simple care instructions, so you can keep your product looking great wash after wash. 

Caring for the bottle

Bottle Care

Use a damp cloth to keep your bottle clean and dirt free.

Caring for Cashmere

Caring for Cashmere

Hand wash your cover in lukewarm water using mild, hand-wash detergent or hair shampoo; at a temperature of 30°C or less.

Rinse in lukewarm water several times.  Reshape whilst damp; use the bottle length as a guide. Lay to dry on a flat surface at room temperature. To remove excess water, squeeze gently- do not twist or wring. Press using a cool iron with a damp cloth.

Please take special care of the delicate mother of pearl buttons if you alternatively choose to dry clean.

Do not bleach. 

Cashmere Pilling

Cashmere Pilling - keep your cashmere beautiful

As with all knitwear and depending on your care and usage, pilling is expected to a certain degree, particularly after the first few wears. A cashmere comb reduces and controls pilling, keeping your knitwear in good condition

Cashmere combs are available to purchase here