ICE Recovery Bottle Only - Blue

ICE Bottle Only, Cover Not Included

22,50 £

Fill with water + Freeze!

Take control of your recovery with this revolutionary ice recovery bottle. The athlete's trusted and tested favourite has 8 interconnected ice chambers that flex around your body like nothing you've ever used. It keeps ice cold for up to 6 hours on the body at room temperature and has recently been tested in extreme heat at +35 degrees Celsius, both at the Budapest World Athletics Championships and the Singapore Grand Prix, to keep athletes and Formula One drivers cool for 2 hours+.

Technical Specs:

* Eight interlinked ice blocks, each with a diameter of 10cm.

* At 90cm (35 inches) in length, the YUYU Ice Recovery Bottle is the longest ice pack available on the market.

* Custom Opening/Filling: Know what's keeping you cool. Fill it with water or create your own concoction.

* Targeted Relief.

* Sustainable: Durable, Reusable and Biodegradable Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) ensures the product goes back to the earth.

* Safety First: Crafted from FDA-approved, food-safe material and CE Certified.

User Guide:

* Fill: Opt for 1 litre of water or less for a lighter wrap.

* Stretch: Hold both ends and stretch for even water distribution.

* Seal: Utilise the zip and Velcro for a secure seal.

* Freeze: Insert it in a plastic bag or YUYU cover, then freeze.

Wear: Slip it into any YUYU cover for optimal use.


* Only intended for cold use. Do not use with boiling water, and continual use with hot water may damage the TPU material.

* The TPU material is breathable, so expect considerable condensation as the ice melts. For sports use, it is best used with a lightweight ice recovery/waterproof cover.

* Although the Ice Recovery Pro bottle is more convenient, as it does not require freezing, the Ice Recovery bottle will stay colder for significantly longer than the Pro bottle. 

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