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Welcome to YUYU. If you love hot water bottles as much as we do, you will love our original long hot water bottle design that we came up with more than ten-plus years ago.

From our signature 81cm length long hot water bottle, to our game-changing wearable strap feature, our hot water bottles are thoughtfully designed with our customers in mind.

Using only Grade A natural rubber, our products are sustainably made, making it eco-friendly and safe to cuddle with. We source the finest fabrics from around the world, giving you unmatched quality and style.

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  1. Recovery Cover Only
    Recovery Cover Only
    Ab 30,00 £
  2. Pimlico Leinen - Nur Bezug
    Pimlico Leinen - Nur Bezug
    Ab 45,00 £
  3. Liberty Kollektion - nur Bezug
    Liberty Kollektion - nur Bezug
    Ab 70,00 £
  4. Lochcarron Tartan Cover Only
    Lochcarron Tartan Cover Only
    Ab 100,00 £
  5. 10% Kaschmir - NUR BEZUG
    10% Kaschmir - NUR BEZUG
    Ab 80,00 £
  6. 30% Kaschmir -  NUR BEZUG
    30% Kaschmir - NUR BEZUG
    Ab 110,00 £
  7. 100% Kaschmir - NUR BEZUG
    100% Kaschmir - NUR BEZUG
    Ab 154,00 £

Artikel 97-108 von 108

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