Limitierte Auflage Team GB

Limitierte Auflage Team GB YUYU Bottle Kollektion

YUYU Bottle is proud to be an official licensee of Team GB in providing the ultimate cool-down self-care accessory for all Team GB athletes as they represent Great Britain at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The Limited Edition Team GB YUYU Bottle covers are heaven sent with their water-resistant lining and zip closure that locks in condensation and seals in the coolness.

Simply fill your YUYU rubber bottle halfway with water and freeze for 3-5 hours. Wrap it, hug it, sling it around your body for a full-body cool down or wrap it around your sore muscles and joints for ice therapy.

Get in on the action with our Limited Edition Team GB YUYU Bottles available in two designs: the Union Jack and the Navy and cheer on Team GB on their journey to gold and beyond.


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