YUYU, the corporate swag for companies that care about the wellbeing of their employees and the environment

Our Mission

Over the last ten-plus years, our mission has been to create a product that changes people’s perceptions of comfort and wellbeing. Since starting the company from a living room in Wimbledon, YUYU has grown to become an internationally loved self-care brand.

As humanity faces many challenges, we want to do our part in making the world a better place. Now our mission is to harness the power of the YUYU Bottle by creating awareness towards a more sustainable way of living, one person and one company at a time.


YUYU — making work-life better

Giving you up to 6 hours of warmth

As gas and electricity prices continue to soar, finding simpler ways to stay warm is key. The YUYU Bottle gives you up to 6 hours of warmth, keeping your employees warm throughout the workday.

Helps to relieve the daily stresses of life

A common complaint of sitting long hours is neck and back pain. The YUYU Bottle doubles as a way to relieve body soreness by relaxing the body via targeted heat therapy. 

No more thermostat wars at the office


While it’s impossible to come to a consensus over what the temperature in the office should be, YUYU bridges those temperature gaps by helping employees control their 'personal climate'. Simply wrap and tie the YUYU around the body to warm up or cool down.

A hot water bottle that makes work-life manageable

For many employees, dealing with period and chronic pain can be agonising and uncomfortable. Help destigmatise and ease period and chronic pain by providing your employees with a YUYU. A proven supportive self-care accessory that targets pain, making work-life manageable.


Doctor approved, medically endorsed

"Pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow which activates our pain receptors. The elongated YUYU Bottle stands out because it takes advantage of the horizontal arrangements of sensory nerves supplying the human skin. The heat doesn’t just provide comfort and have a placebo effect, it actually deactivates the pain at a molecular level in much the same way as pharmaceutical painkillers work."

- Dr. Brian King, Professor of Physiology, University College London

Promoting sustainability and an eco-way of living


Warm yourself, not the planet

As the issues around climate change take centre stage, we want to help be part of the change in showing ways how we can all lessen our environmental impact.

That’s why we started the YUYU Initiative, Warm Yourself Not The Planet, where we challenge our customers to turn their thermostats off and instead, warm-up or cool down with YUYU.

Whether that's while you are working from home or at the office, cooking, reading, streaming your favourite shows, or sleeping, we want to highlight the importance that each one of us can control our own 'personal climate' by using simpler methods like using a YUYU.


To heat an average home over an 8 hour period is the equivalent of boiling a kettle 274 times.


A YUYU stays hot for 2-6 hours, keeping your body warm with less than a kettle of water.

If everyone in London turned down their heating by just 3 degrees and instead used a YUYU Bottle, it would save the planet 8.6 million KG of CO2.

Reducing your temperature by 3 degrees (8 hours a day) is the same as taking a car off the road for 1842 miles a year.

Reduce your office building heating costs and CO2 emissions

A study published in Nature Climate Change found that,

“Energy consumption of residential buildings and offices adds up to about 30% of total carbon dioxide emissions, and occupant behaviour contributes to 80% of the variation in energy consumption.” 

As the hybrid work style becomes a norm, with many of us splitting time between the office and at home, optimising energy use is key. Help lower your energy costs both at home and at the office by warming up or cooling down with a YUYU.

Lower your energy bills while lowering your CO2 emissions. A win-win for you and the environment.

Future proof your employees with a gift they’ll use for years to come

As companies equip the office space into pandemic-proof work settings, installing high-grade air filtration systems, contactless hand sanitising stations, temperature screenings, and more, focusing on finding tools that improve your employees' work experience and well-being is important more than ever before. 

YUYU is the product that does just that

✔️ A modern hot water bottle that helps you to stay warm or cool.

✔️ A supportive self-care accessory that is proven to help ease body aches as well as period and chronic pain.

✔️ A sustainable product that promotes an eco-way of living.

✔️ A product that can be used in multiple settings - working from home, at the office, sleeping, outdoors...etc.



A consciously made timeless product

Made from 100% natural, biodegradable rubber

At YUYU, we believe "things held close to your body should be beautiful and safe". That's why our hot water bottles are made from 100% natural, biodegradable rubber, never harmful PVC.

The YUYU rubber bottles are ethically sourced from Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) forests in Sri Lanka. Using a method called tapping, a cut is made into the tree bark, allowing the fluid to be collected into a vessel attached to the rubber tree. The liquid is a sticky, milky white sap called latex, and after several processes, it is moulded into our signature long YUYU Bottle.



No harmful chemicals, safe to cuddle with

Sourced worldwide, the fabrics used for our YUYU products are REACH certified which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. This means all fabrics used have been tested and do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

Choose from over 80+ cover fabrics and colours

From the ultra-soft Cashmere to the fan favourite Cotton Waffle and crisp Pimlico Linens, choose from over 80+ different cover fabrics to find the one that's right for you.



Antimicrobial YUYU covers to protect you from those unwanted microbes

Over the last two-plus years, the effects of the Covid pandemic have been far and wide, altering the way we go about our day. With many of us becoming wary of the surfaces we touch, we are now focusing on providing a new collection of antimicrobial YUYU's to help keep those unwanted viruses at bay. For more info on the antimicrobial YUYU collection, click the button below to get in touch.


For every kilogram of rubber that we buy, €0.50 goes to support the local rubber farmers, plantation workers, and their communities.

Our success in providing a truly comforting self-care product would not have been made possible without our local rubber producers. As we have grown, we have wanted to do more in providing a fair and equitable distribution for all members involved. That’s why in 2021 we officially joined the Fair Rubber Association.

Branded YUYU Bottles for Custom and Corporate Gifts

The customisable YUYU makes it the perfect choice for corporate gifting. Choose from over 80+ cover fabrics to create a branded YUYU for your team or a custom YUYU to gift your important clients.

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