Hannah and her YuYu-how the right heat therapy helps with Chronic Pain

I live with several illnesses which create different types of chronic pain. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome leaves me with stiff and achy joints, Fibromyalgia gives me intense nerve pain all over my body and Costochondritis creates inflammation in my chest wall.

I have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to pain relief but the one thing which really helps all of these is heat – however, I was then left with the problem of finding a reliable and sustainable source of heat!

I used to be covered in sticky heat pads but over time began to realise that they don’t really get that hot, they constantly fall off and (perhaps most importantly) generate lots of waste that can’t all be recycled.

‘Standard’ shaped hot water bottles are okay aren’t they but not very practical. It’s hard to keep them in the right place and you’re pretty much immobilised while you’re using one. I was trying to solve this problem when I stumbled upon the YuYu Bottle brand and I am so glad I did!

I’ve never seen a hot water bottle quite like it! From its unique long shape to the cords you can use to strap it to your body – YuYu Bottle answers all my problems. It’s basically a wearable hot water bottle and the possibilities are endless!

I’ve especially been using the YuYu bottle for my chest pain, particularly at bedtime when it tends to flare up. I can strap the YuYu Bottle across my chest and over my shoulder, targeting my key pain areas, the heat soothes my pain all night without me having to hold it in place. Ultimately meaning I can get a good night’s sleep despite my pain. It’s so soft, comforting and cosy, I often wake up cuddling it – it’s like a warm teddy bear!

It’s fab to use during the day too, I can fill the YuYu up, tie it in place and continue with my day as normal – moving about and getting my jobs done while also enjoying the pain-relieving benefits of heat.

If you also live with chronic pain I would definitely recommend YuYu Bottle as a great source of pain relief. Not only can you adapt the YuYu to effectively suit your specific needs, it’s also a totally natural alternative to many of the other pain relivers on the market.


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