Nutritional therapist Jen shares her chronic stomach pain story

Ways to deal with Chronic Stomach Pain (A Balanced Belly Blogger)

The balanced Belly blog belongs to Jen, a nutritional therapist who blogs about all things healthy living. She is a gut health activist and shares her tips on juicing and gluten free living!

Below Jen shares her words on heat therapy and the benefits of the YuYu bottle:

Heat Therapy: Using heat therapy is one type we’re all no stranger to- come winter my hot water bottle and I are inseparable. I recently discovered the YuYu bottle which is the world’s first long hot water bottle which can actually wrap around your stomach- which I think is ingenious!

As someone is constantly trying to find ways to keep their hot water bottle in place as they walk around the house; I really think this in an amazing idea. It is also perfect for joint pain too since you can wrap it around your neck or shoulders.

Compared to my usual heating devices (I was using a microwavable lavender beanbag) it seems to last way longer too- around 5 hours! The range varies from the super snuggly fleecy version I tried to the luxury cashmere version (surely the best Christmas present for those of us with stomach pain) to a cute one for the kids in your life too.

View the full blog and find out more about Jen HERE.


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