YUYU Bottle featured in Sheerluxe's 19 Health Rules From Women's Wellness Expert Emma Bardwell


Emma Bardwell, also known as The Menopause Nutritionist and Co-author of "The Perimenopause Solution" shares with us her health rules along with all the different products she uses including the YUYU Bottle in the latest article, 19 Health Rules From A Women's Wellness Expert on Everything from the vitamins and foods she eats to nourish her body, to exercise, sleep, and self-care, she covers it all. To read the full article, head here.



"Sleep is my saviour. When you’re perimenopausal, sleep becomes more important than ever, but it often becomes harder to get. For clients who are struggling with night sweats, I recommend sage tea or sage extract supplements. YUYU Bottles are also great – they’re essentially ‘hot’ water bottles that you half fill, freeze for a couple of hours, and take to bed with you to keep you cool."

To learn more about what to look out for when going through menopause, head here where Emma shares facts and tips related to all things menopause.


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