YuYu Collection 2017

As I prepare for my fourth year as Captain of this exciting ship I am thrilled to bits to announce a new collection made with Liberty fabrics and a collaboration with Yves Delorme, one of the oldest and most highly regarded textile makers in France. We have also introduced a beautiful modal fabric with a contemporary chevron design and continue to work with the most esteemed and ethically-conscious textile houses in the world. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can be the first to see our latest collections.

Each year my team and I give everything we’ve got to ensure we take full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to serve you, our hugely valued customer. The YuYu mission statement is to stay special, stay different and mostly, to continually innovate our original long hot water bottles and share the wonderful and intimate gift of warmth with all of our friends.

With my warmest wishes,

Richard Yu Founder & CEO