The YuYu Bottle against Pelvic Pain : @caroline.stanienda

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The YuYu Bottle against Pelvic Pain: @caroline.stanienda

If you regularly read my blog or instagram you probably already know my endometriosis story, that I currently went off synthetic hormones and that I’ve had a lot of lower stomach and pelvic pain in the past, especially around my period. Right now I’m in the second half of my luteal phase which means I’ll be on my period soon. The second half of your luteal phase is also the phase when PMS symptoms might occur. These could be mild or severe, just to give you a few examples here; it could be mood swings, headaches/ migraines, holding fluids, swelling of breasts as well as lower stomach pain. 

The YuYu Bottle against Pelvic Pain : @caroline.stanienda

This cycle I’ve been experiencing some mild PMS symptoms which was actually expected because of all the hormone turmoil that has been going on the past couple of months. So this didn’t take me by surprise. My mood isn’t the best and I have a tiny migraine going on (but also I didn’t sleep well last night because I had too much on my mind and that’s when I usually get mild migraines in the morning and they’re not really cycle dependent). But yesterday I was also experiencing some lower stomach cramps. They weren’t too bad but still left me a bit uncomfortable. Fortunately YuYu Bottle sent me one of their hot (/cold) water bottles right on time! 

YuYu Bottle helps me to get about my day (and night) by soothing my lower stomach as well as lower back pain and it always stays in place as it is shaped as a tube that perfectly fits around your waist with two little strings on each end so that it could be worn as a belt. 

The YuYu Bottle against Pelvic Pain : @caroline.stanienda

You can use either hot or cold water in your YuYu bottle. I personally just intuitively feel what my body needs right in that moment. 

YuYu Bottles also come in a lot of different colors and designs. I chose this peach color because I think it fits my interior best and the fabric is so soft.  

YuYu Bottles are definitely a lifesaver and make my PMS and period days a little easier without having to take pain killers as much.  

Just try for yourself! It’s been super helpful for me so far and because I love sharing my wellness tips with you guys, I got you a special discount code with which you’ll get 10% off your first order (Head over to blog to get this, link at the top of the page) - You’re welcome & enjoy.   

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