NEW Limited Edition Big Plastic Pledge

The Limited Edition Big Plastic Pledge YuYu Bottle

Throw a big wave to the Big Plastic Pledge (BPP) founded by Hannah Mills MBE, the most decorated female sailor in Olympic history and IOC Sustainability Advocate, on her golden voyage of eliminating single-use plastic in sports.

"As passionate as I am about winning Olympic gold, I am equally as passionate about the environment. During the Rio 2016 Olympic cycle, travelling all over the world and seeing every single beach, marina and harbour littered with plastic, opened the door and the gateway for me into the world of sustainability and our planet.

I am now using my sporting background, network and platform to raise awareness, change behaviour and influence as many individuals, business’ and governments as possible."

- Hannah Mills

As a company that derives much of its product value from water helping to warm and cool our bodies, we want to be part of a movement that protects our waters from plastic. 

Help support the Big Plastic Pledge initiative by purchasing your very own Big Plastic Pledge YuYu Bottle where 25% of the sales proceeds will go towards directly the BPP initiative and make your pledge by lessening your plastic use altogether.

For more info, head to Big Plastic Pledge.

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