Cool Down Favourites


Shake the heat, cool down with a YuYu this summer! Shop our collection of cool down favourites and enjoy body length cold therapy. If you are going to switch between cold and hot use we recommend buying a second bottle. Available from our accessories page.


Find out more on how to use a YuYu cold here.

  1. Waffle Grey
    Waffle Grey

    Wearable cover & bottle

  2. Sugar Candy Orange Stripe
    Sugar Candy Orange Stripe

    Wearable cover & bottle

  3. Sugar Candy Yellow Stripe
    Sugar Candy Yellow Stripe

    Wearable Cover

  4. Mono Grey Stripe
    Mono Grey Stripe

    Wearable cover & bottle

  5. Waffle White
    Waffle White

    Wearable cover & bottle


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