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Pure Japanese Cotton Collection

Surprise yourself or someone special with the perfect gift of warmth this winter.

Be one of the first to own one of our brand new and delicious cotton covers. Sourced from the finest Japanese pure cotton, created with refined Japanese craftsmanship and perfected by the most desired designs, YuYu brings luxury and comfort to your fingertips in our brand new collection. From classic stripes, catwalk chevrons to contemporary greys there is a YuYu for every occasion.

Cleverly designed with a wearable strap, each YuYu in this collection can be worn hands free around the body for extra comfort. Maintaining it’s heat with our YuYu duvet style lining and including an extendable strap allowing you to wear the bottle around your body hands free!


  1. Sugar Candy Yellow Stripe
    Sugar Candy Yellow Stripe

    Wearable Cover


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