Warm hugs and a YUYU Bottle

The YUYU Bottle is a hug for the heart! 


My name is Amy and I purchased my first YUYU bottle in 2014, two years after I underwent open-heart surgery to repair two holes in my heart and a prolapsed mitral valve — one of the many complications that can arise when you have a meddlesome genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or (EDS).

I use the YUYU Bottle regularly, to relieve the inflammation in my joints and also to soothe my recurrent costochondritis (when the cartilage of the sternum becomes spontaneously inflamed). The YUYU Bottle works wonders as it covers the length of my sternum and doesn't slip off like a generic square hot water bottle tends to do. 

It’s also useful for a phenomenon called “coat hanger pain” which is a common issue for the EDS community. It’s a pain that connects from each shoulder blade and up towards the neck (in the shape of a coat hanger) and the YUYU can be thrown over your shoulder, or wrapped around your neck to help combat this!

I would absolutely recommend the YUYU Bottle to anyone who is in cardiac rehabilitation or suffering from any kind of chronic pain condition.


— Amy


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