The most memorable brands try to leave their consumers with an experience they will never forget. Perhaps this is why London's elite 5 Star hotels such as The Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz and The Four Seasons like to surprise their VIP guests with YuYu's luxurious body-length hot water bottles. A top 20 best seller at Harrods and newly launched at Selfridges London, this 81cm full body experience is making peoples lives just that little bit more wonderful.

Box and Cashmere knitted bottle covers

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Simplicity, practicality and eco-friendliness defines the award winning and revolutionary YUYU Bottle. Snuggle up to the YUYU and it will heat up your whole body as you benefit from a far greater area of instant warmth. The YuYu holds the same volume of water as a traditional hot water bottle so you only have to fill the kettle once and you’ll have plenty left over for a cup of tea!

Why YuYu?

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YuYu’s 81cm long bottle can be filled with less than a kettle or 1.5 litres of hot or cold water. The YuYu Bottle itself is made from the finest grade A Sri Lankan ‘biodegradable’ natural rubber. It means we can be kind to the earth but also have flexible, silky smooth rubber bottles. All of our bottle have a two year warranty, and can be used for both hot and cold treatments.

Is there a technical advancement?
Yes! Much like the effect of wearing lots of layers of clothing has on us staying warmer for longer, the YuYu Bottle has cleverly designed ‘slightly raised’ bumps on the surface of the rubber, creating little air pockets under the outer fabric. This small but significant design feature helps us to prolong the heat you receive and keeps you cosier for longer. Depending on the temperature of your environment, the YuYu should stay nice and warm for up to 2-6 hours.

Tie a YuYu around your waist
The Finest Ethically Sourced Fabrics

The Finest Ethically Sourced Fabrics

YuYu's grade A cashmere covers are sourced from Inner Mongolia, renowned for having the softest cashmere in the world.

Natural Sri Lankan Rubber

The Finest Natural Sri Lankan Rubber

Our rubber is sourced from Sri Lanka, where the finest rubber trees are grown. The rubber we use is eco-friendly, biodegradable, flexible and beautifully soft.

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