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Limitations are here to be stretched. 

Welcome to the home of beautiful long hot water bottles & our revolutionary new ICE Recovery Bottle! Designed to accompany and comfort you through every chapter of your life.

A YUYU for every chapter of your life!

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Reap the benefits to both Planet & Pocket!

For every 3°C you turn down your thermostat, you save the equivalent C02 of 1.5 flights from London to New York!

The cost for heating the average home this winter, is the equivalent to boiling 274 kettles per day, or 548 YUYU Bottles!

Heating 5 YUYU Bottles per day will keep your body warm for 10+ hours and cost as little as £3.00 per month! Compared to rising gas prices of £333.00 a month.

Source: The Energy Saving Trust




Hands-free design,
wear it on-the-go


100% natural, biodegradable
rubber, safe to cuddle with


Medically endorsed for 
comfort & pain relief


Eco-friendly &

Multi-climate: can be used for warm & cold use, in any climate
Recyclable packaging

Recyclable &
biodegradable packaging

Carry the warmth from room to room. The perfect work from home companion.

Finding yourself getting the chills while sitting in front of your computer all day? Warm up with the YUYU Body Bottle, the essential item that you need to have in your WFH toolkit.

Hands free, wearable in multiple ways, keeps you feeling warm and focused, helping you get through all those Zoom calls.

A biodegradable rubber bottle that gives back

Our success in providing a truly comforting self-care product would not have been made possible without our local rubber producers. As we have grown, we’ve wanted to do more in providing a fair and equitable distribution to all members involved. That’s why in 2021 we officially joined the Fair Rubber Association.

The Fair Rubber Association is a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated towards improving the working and living conditions of local rubber producers.

Wrap it, Hug it, Sling it

YUYU’s innovative design allows for a larger area of the body to be warmed than a traditional square hot water bottle whilst using the same energy and volume of hot water.

The revolutionary strap allows you to literally wear your hot water bottle like a belt around your body, giving you a cozy hug. The meter-long drawstring can be adjusted so you can wear your YUYU hands-free in various ways; it's perfect around the waist or wrapped across the shoulders. With the exception of our cashmere and children's range, all YUYU covers come with this popular wearable strap feature.

Wrap it, hug it, sling it

Give the gift of warmth

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The gift of warmth has never been more valuable 

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Warmth for the whole family


YUYU x Red Roses, English Rugby

We are enormously elated to announce the incredible news that since the start of the Autumn Internationals, YUYU has been very proudly supplying England Rugby’s amazing Red Roses with fully branded, multi-climate YUYU Bottles!

The limited edition first Red Roses YUYU Bottle is now available to purchase.

Major Brands, Retailers & Charities


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