Brand Collaborations


Creating an Experience

Imagine thousands of your customers literally hugging your brand!

The most memorable brands in the world leave their customers with an experience they will never forget. Whether it be an emotion, a comfort or an outright surprise, you know when it touches you, you feel it when it happens and it stops you right in your tracks.

The simplicity and uncomplicated nature of the YuYu Bottle does just this. It leaves people in unforgettable awe, reaching for their phone to take a selfie they can share with their friends and families.

Such a reaction is one most brands can only dream of!

Luxury Bespoke and Private Label

Creating an immeasurable connection between brands and customers!

Luxury ski chalets in Switzerland and world recognised hotels in London, Paris and Tokyo, such as The Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons, The Berkeley, Hôtel de Crillon and Villa Kennedy have commissioned their very own private label.

These corporate ambassadors of the YuYu Bottle present their customers with beautifully designed bespoke YuYu Bottles in-room, at their spas and outdoor terraces. In addition they are often available for sale.

Brand Partnerships

If you would like to discuss and hear about the opportunities involved using your brand or fabrics, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would gladly provide you with both samples and ideas.


The YuYu Bottle is supported by medical professionals

Private hospitals and medical experts have endorsed the conveniently longer shaped hot water bottle, also available with a wearable strap for pain relief and comfort for a range of chronic illnesses from endometriosis to Crohn’s disease..


Heat has been used by man for millennia, as much for the relief of everyday aches and pains as for thermal comfort under harsh climatic conditions. Therapeutic heat has been exploited by every society, in every known time, in a multiplicity of ways, and probably for every type of physical ailment.Pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow which activates our pain receptors. The elongated YuYu Bottle stands out because it takes advantage of the horizontal arrangement of sensory nerves supplying the human skin and deactivates the pain receptors at a molecular level."
Dr Brian King
Professor of Physiology
University College London


“As a multidisciplinary practice primarily treating people with a wide range of painful musculoskeletal conditions we initially saw YuYu as an imaginative development of a conventional product. In use, YuYu turned out to be an innovative, highly adaptable and beneficial device for people with chronic pain. Rather than targeting a painful ‘spot’ (as do traditional hot water bottles), the YuYu can provide heat along its length and used along entire muscles. YuYu can also be shaped into a band or ring. Furthermore, because the product can be worn, the YuYu can provide benefits whilst patients are mobile and active, so therefore provides benefits over much longer periods than traditional water bottles, so maximising the relief and healing benefits. I am very happy to recommend YuYu to our clients who suffer from chronic pain.”

Gavin Fane
Senior Podiatrist
Leigham Practice