What payment methods do you accept?

You can make a payment via PayPal or with your credit or debit card when you reach the checkout.
You can also choose to pay with PayPal without signing in to an account. To do this, please click the "Continue to Paypal” button in the check out area of the site and then click the "Continue as Guest button". This should get you the familiar section, which asks you to fill out all of your credit card details. If you check out with PayPal, you will receive a receipt from them as well as your order confirmation from us.

How do I strap my YuYu around me? 

Tie your YuYu

Please follow these easy steps. 

  1. (For when you first use your YuYu) Finding the loops: Examine the ends of both drawstrings and find the loop on the end of one of them. Feed the other drawstring through the loop and pull tight, so that you now have one, very long drawstring. Now look for the loop at the bottom of the bottle... 
  2. Wrapping yourself up in your YuYu: OK, so here come the exciting bit… Take the YuYu bottle and wrap it around the back of your waist. Now the bottle will want to fall down as you haven’t tightened it yet, so it might help if you’re leaning against a wall or sitting down. Anyway here goes, so hold the long drawstring with one hand, and grab the end of the bottle with your other hand… Locate the loop at the very end of the YuYu Bottle and then feed the long drawstring through. You should now have a semi connection between the top and bottom of the bottle, and hopefully your somewhere in the middle there. 
  3. Finally, lets tighten the bottle and go hands free! OK, you’re nearly there. All you have to do is to pull the drawstring tight, and then loop it back through the top section where you started. It doesn’t really matter what bit you loop it through so just try it and then pull until it’s tight around your waist and just let go… Fingers crossed, you’re wearing your hot water bottle - a first time experience is born… :)

Do cashmere covers have straps?

No they do not. We found that a strap simply stretches the cashmere. Straps come with almost all other YuYu covers… 

What are the dimensions of a YuYu Bottle, and are all ranges the same size?

All inner hot water bottles are the same size and measure 81cm x 11cm. The sizes of the covers differs slightly.

  • Cashmere range 85cm x 13cm
  • Luxury fleece range 82cm x 13cm
  • Warm Worms range 82cm x 13cm

I need a new YuYu Bottle stopper. How do I get one?

Go to Accessories in our shop and choose the one that looks most like the one you had.

How much water do I need to fill my YuYu?

YuYu Bottles take the same quantity of water to fill as a traditional hot water bottle, approximately one kettle full; 1.5 ltrs.

If using your YuYu for targeting aches and pains around your body, we would advise filling with less water, perhaps just over half way.

What's the correct way to fill my YuYu?

When filling your bottle with hot water, do not use boiling water; always allow cooling for 1-2 minutes. Holding the bottle by the neck firmly, fill slowly and carefully approximately 2/3 to allow for water to disperse when in use. It is important to expel any excess air from the bottle before replacing the stopper, and ensure it is secured tightly to prevent leakage.

Do the covers come with a bottle?

All of our YuYus include the inner hot water bottle, unless you specifically buy a cover only on our Accessories shop. 

Can I buy bottle/cover separately?

Yes, we are pleased to say that we now offer all of the extras on our Accessories page, where you can purchase spare covers, bottles, stoppers, presentation boxes as well cashmere combs!

How do I care for and store my YuYu?

When not in use, keep your YuYu Bottle empty of water and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. We recommend hanging the bottle upside down with the stopper off so that the bottle becomes completely dry inside. The bottle should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can discolour the bottle and harm the rubber, ageing and degrading it.

Caring for Cashmere! 

Our cashmere-based covers are all independently sourced from local farms in Inner Mongolia. Just like all natural knitted fibres, especially in the classic knit variety, you should expect a small amount of pilling, especially during the first few uses. 'Pilling' is the result of loose fibres on the surface rubbing together during wear that cause small bobbles to appear. We advise using a cashmere comb to keep your YuYu in the best possible condition. The cashmere comb will take off the loose hairs that cause the bobbles and keep your cover looking fresh and new. Simply lay your YuYu cover on a flat surface and hold an area taut with one hand whilst combing with the other. You can purchase a YuYu cashmere comb here.

What happens if my cashmere cover stretches?

Please be careful and gentle when handling your cashmere cover. Do not grab your YuYu from the top cover only and lift your heavy water bottle. It will of course stretch your cashmere cover. At the same time, when filling with water, please do not just drop the heavy bottle into the long cashmere cover - it will stretch your beautiful cover. 

If stretching occurs, please follow the washing instructions below for cashmere and reshape whilst damp… 

Are the covers washable?

Warm Worms, Luxury Fleece, Liberty London, Cotton collection and Print collection covers are all machine washable at 30°. So nice and easy!

Cashmere covers should be carefully hand washed in lukewarm water using mild, hand wash detergent or hair shampoo at a temperature of 30° or less. If your YuYu has been stretched, you can reshape it whilst damp. Be sure all drying is done on a flat surface and at room temperature.

All of our products also include a care label with washing instructions within them.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Please follow this link to see further information about Deliver and Returns.

Can I return or refund my YuYu Bottle?

You can return your YuYu but this will need to be done so within 14 days. The YuYu and box must be unused and not damaged in any way. Please let us know as soon as possible and send it to the below address along with your ORDER ID and full name clearly marked. 

If you would like to exchange your order, it is worth writing a note with your return, advising which cover you would prefer instead. 

YuYu returns, Lemonpath, Unit 1, Wanlip Road, Leicester, LE7 1PD

We are afraid we cannot cover return postage costs. We advise to send with tracked delivery as we cannot be held responsible for any missing parcels.

Do you send orders at the weekend or on bank holidays?

Unfortunately orders cannot be processed, despatched or delivered at the weekend or on bank holidays, with the exception that orders may be delivered on a Saturday within the UK when the Saturday delivery option is chosen at checkout.

All orders made on UK bank holidays and at the weekend will be processed on the next working day.