Heat has been used by man for millennia, as much for the relief of everyday aches and pains as for thermal comfort.

Pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow which activates our pain receptors. The elongated YuYu Bottle design takes advantage of the horizontal arrangement of sensory nerves supplying the human skin and deactivates the pain receptors at a molecular level.- Dr Brian King, Professor of Physiology, University College London

Not just a hot water bottle! Our YuYu Pain Warriors are the strongest people we know and to them the YuYu is daily natural heat therapy to help soothe symptoms of some of the below chronic pains.

Relief from pregnancy or labour, stomach cramps or menstrual or period pain, back ache or back pain, anything that would benefit from natural heat therapy, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, ehlers danlos syndrome, crohns disease, IBS, CRPS, lyme disease and many more.