YUYU Bottle featured in Financial Times: Hot water bottles

YuYu features in Financial Times - Hot water bottles

Much like a wearable radiator covered in cashmere or Belgian linen, the 81cm-long YUYU Bottle (from £33) can be worn across the body or tied around the waist. Designed using 100 percent natural biodegradable rubber, it has special bobbles that aim to trap warmth and extend its heat for 25 percent longer than traditional designs. The brand enjoyed recent fame supplying Team GB in Tokyo as well as England rugby players.


While nostalgia might be the key to the enduring appeal of the hot-water bottle, there’s also an increasingly persuasive environmental argument for “wearing” one. Richard Yu, YUYU’s founder and CEO (Yu means “hot water” in Japanese), commissioned research concluding that,

"if everyone in London turned down their heating by just three degrees, supplementing with a hot-water bottle, it would save 8.6m kg of CO2 – the equivalent of 19.3m flights from London to New York."

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