Cooling down with YuYu

YuYu ICE, The hottest way to stay cool

Whether you're trying to ease inflammation from a sport induced injury or you suffer from night sweats and hot flushes or you just don't like sleeping with the Air Conditioning on at night time, YuYu’s NEW ICE Recovery Range takes icing down or cryotherapy to a whole new level of sophistication and style!

Freeze your existing YuYu Bottle

Simply half-fill 'ANY' YuYu Bottle you may have with tap water and place it into your freezer until semi-frozen. Most freezers will do this within 1.5 to 2 hours.

A semi-frozen YuYu Bottle will still be flexible enough for your wearable strap, give you a full-body length ice pack and help you to stay cool in a way you never thought possible. 

Take the cover off for EXTRA FREEZE!


Cool the bottle

COMING SOON: Water-resistant lining and zip

Introducing the revolutionary NEW YuYu ICE cover. You can now place ICE cubes or crushed ICE directly into a water-resistant YuYu cover enabling you to receive instant relief and beat the heat. The newwater-resistant cover will give you a full-body cool-down as you've never experienced. 

Simply take your YuYu Bottle out, unzip the cover and hold it under an ice-making machine and fill her up! 


Cool 2

Cooling down Team GB

YuYu has developed a range of branded hot and cold water bottles under license for all Team GB athletes competing at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. Our Team GB YuYus will be distributed in athletes’ kit bags, Preparation Camps and Performance Lodges!

Why use ice?

For certain aches and pains, such as sports injuries, doctors recommend that we use ice to help reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. The RICE method is Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation.
Whenever you use ice, you should not use it directly on your skin, much like using a hot water bottle. All our YuYu Bottles come with covers, cushioned enough to protect from the cold or the heat depending on how you choose to use them. Our NEW YuYu Recovery range, created with ice therapy in mind, is made with a waterproof lining so that if you want to put ice directly into the cover you can do so.
Please note that if you have any sensory disorders, suffer poor circulation or diabetes, you should seek medical advice before use.

Can I use a bottle I already own?

The YuYu Bottle is made from the highest quality, biodegradable, natural Sri Lankan rubber and will degrade over time. How fast it degrades depends on various factors, including the water quality of the region you’re in, the way the bottle is stored and the regularity of its use.

If you would like to use a YuYu for cold use we recommend purchasing separate bottles for cold and hot use.