Cool Down with YuYu

YuYu Bottle, the Hottest Way to Stay Cool

As the change in weather patterns brings hotter and drier weather conditions, finding ways to keep your body cool will be important more than ever before.

YuYu’s latest series of collections is all about helping you stay cool—the eco-friendly way—through those hot days and nights. 

The Limited Edition Team GB, Recovery, and the Big Plastic Pledge YuYu Bottle covers feature a water-resistant lining with zip closure, meant to help lock in condensation and seal in coolness for your YuYu rubber bottles which can be frozen.

Simply fill your YuYu rubber bottle halfway with water and place it in the freezer for 2 to 4+ hours. Take your frozen or semi-frozen YuYu rubber bottle out, place it into the water-resistant cover and experience the ultimate eco cool down, the natural way.

Whether you're trying to ease inflammation from a sport induced injury or you suffer from night sweats and hot flushes or you just don't like sleeping with the air conditioning on, YuYu’s newest collections takes cooling down to a whole new level of sophistication and style.


Stay Cool With the YuYu Recovery Collection

Four vibrant design covers make up YuYu's Recovery Collection. From Energize, Revitalize, Power to De-stress, wind down by cooling your body off and ice your sore muscles after an intense workout or post-race.


Cool 2

Throw a Big Wave to the Big Plastic Pledge

Help support Olympic sailing champion Hannah Mills on her golden voyage of eliminating single-use plastic in sports with the Big Plastic Pledge YuYu Bottle.

Cool Down with the Limited Edition Team GB YuYu Bottle

We are thrilled to have become an official licensee of Team GB! To support Team GB at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, we have created an exclusive athlete's YuYu Bottle which will help keep them cool in the hot and humid conditions.
Cheer on Team GB on their journey to gold and beyond by purchasing your very own Limited Edition Team GB YuYu Bottles—the Union Jack and the Navy. 

Freeze Your Existing YuYu Bottle

Simply fill your existing YuYu rubber bottle 1/2 way with tap water and place it into your freezer for 2-4+ hours until frozen or semi-frozen. A semi-frozen YuYu Bottle will still be flexible enough for your wearable strap, give you a full-body length ice pack and help you to stay cool in a way you never thought possible.

Take the cover off to experience a deep freeze sensation.

Note: If you would like to use a YuYu for cold use we recommend purchasing separate bottles for cold and hot use.

Cool the bottle