YuYu on Sustainability

Our Mission

Over the last ten years, our mission has been to create a product that changes people’s perceptions of comfort and well-being. What started as a company being run in a living room in Wimbledon, the YuYu has grown to become an internationally loved self-care brand for all.  

As humanity faces many challenges, we want to do our part in making the world a better place. Now our mission is to harness the power of the YuYu Bottle by creating awareness towards a more ecological way of living, one person and one company at a time.

As we continually learn and find new and better ways to lessen our impact on the environment, we will continue to share those updates with you here.


100% natural, biodegradable YuYu Bottles
At YuYu, we believe products that are kept close to our bodies should be beautiful and safe. That’s why all of our YuYu Bottles are made with 100% natural, biodegradable rubber, never harmful PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This means that over time, as the YuYu Bottle gets its use in, it will slowly wear down at which point can be safely be returned to mother earth where it will slowly biodegrade over time.

No harmful chemicals, safe to cuddle with
The fabrics used for our YuYu products are REACH certified which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. This means all fabrics used have been tested and do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

Recycled and biodegradable packaging
We make mindful choices around the packaging material we use to ship all YuYu products. The polybags we use to ship the products are made from plant-based materials which are biodegradable and compostable. In addition, the cardboard boxes we use to package the products are made from recycled paper stock.

Thoughtful Production

Consciously made
All of our YuYu Bottles are made from 100% natural and biodegradable rubber, ethically sourced from the finest rubber tree plantations in Sri Lanka which are both Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) and Fair Rubber Certified.

How are the YuYu Bottles made?
Using a method called tapping, a cut is made into the tree bark, allowing the fluid to be collected into a vessel attached to the rubber tree. The liquid is a sticky, milky white sap called latex, and after several processes it is moulded into our signature long YuYu bottle.

A rubber bottle that gives back
Our success in providing a truly comforting self-care product would not have been made possible without our local rubber producers. As we have grown, we’ve wanted to do more in providing a fair and equitable distribution to all members involved. That’s why in 2021 we officially joined the Fair Rubber Association.

Fair Rubber Association is a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated towards improving the working and living conditions of local rubber producers.

This means going forward,

"for every kilogram of rubber that we buy, €0.50 will go to support the local rubber farmers, plantation workers, and their communities."

Funding Community Projects

With the funds that we contribute, we will be able to improve the local rubber families and their communities by:

  • Provide clean drinking water supplies
  • Electricity for family housing
  • Infrastructure development of bridges to access hospitals and schools much quicker
  • Stipends for higher education
  • Covering medical expenses, weddings, funerals and emergencies
  • Providing pension coverage for workers in the rubber industry

Here's some progress that’s been made with the Fair Trade Community Projects

  • A clean drinking water supply for 64 plantation families in Sri Lanka
  • Electricity for 21 plantation families in Sri Lanka so that the children are able to do their homework even after dark
  • The construction of a biogas unit to clean the water and supply gas for the smoke house for the farmers in Sri Lanka

Member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

We are proud members of the BSCI, where we work closely with our suppliers to make sure we are in compliance with the BSCI code of conduct: promoting safe working conditions and human rights.

Giving Back to the Community

Supporting our NHS Heroes

Last year we donated 1000 YuYu Bottles to our frontline NHS (National Health Service) workers, seeing them on the frontlines, risking their lives, working long hours to save and care for our loved ones.

For more info, read our Press Release here.

Supporting those in need of warmth

We distribute unsold YuYu Bottles to London’s homeless to help keep them warm during the cold winter months and cool during the hot summer months. We are currently working towards setting up a 24 hour hot water filling station in the city which we hope we can roll out soon.



Join the YuYu Initiative

Warm Yourself, Not the Planet

Did you know?

Households consume 29% of global energy, contributing to 21% of CO2 emissions.

Source: United Nations Environment Programme

Did you know?

You’d have to fill your YuYu up 291 times in one day to use the SAME amount of energy you do heating your home.

Source: British Gas & Carbon Trust 


What we all can do to lessen our environmental impact

As international organisations and scientists call out for everyone to do their part in fighting climate change, here’s what we can do in our everyday lives to lessen our environmental impact:

Turn down the heat. Use a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat.

Lower your CO2 emissions while lowering your energy bills. A win-win for you and the environment.

Or better yet, do it the eco-friendly way, 

warm up or cool down with a YuYu Bottle

small changes = BIG IMPACT




The Big Plastic Pledge

Meet Hannah Mills MBE:

  • The most decorated female sailor in Olympic history
  • IOC Sustainability Ambassador
  • Founder of the Big Plastic Pledge - creating awareness on eradicating single-use plastic in sports
  • YuYu Brand Ambassador

As a company that derives much of its product value from water helping to warm and cool our bodies for comfort, we understand the importance of protecting our waters.

"With one person changing their habits, individually signalling to brands and policy makers our voice, the ripple effect can be huge. The actions you take matter and without you and the next person and the next, we are nothing." - Big Plastic Pledge

We believe that small changes that we all individually make can lead to a big impact and at YuYu we want to be part of that movement.

Help support the Big Plastic Pledge movement by purchasing your very own Big Plastic Pledge YuYu Bottle where 25% of the YuYu Bottle proceeds will go to supporting the cause. Follow the Big Plastic Pledge and make your Big Plastic Pledge here.


YuYu Bottle Recycle Initiative

Did you know?

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,

"UK households produced just under 27 million tonnes of waste in 2017."

Just how much waste is this?

It’s the equivalent of 409 kg per person or approximately the weight of four giant pandas.

Much of the waste that’s thrown out is avoidable and these include:

Food scraps 

Cardboard boxes


Glass bottles

Source: BBC

We want to do our part in making sure all of our natural, biodegradable YuYu Bottles don’t end up in our landfills and are recycled and repurposed.


Do your part and recycle your used YuYu Bottles

Once your YuYu Bottles have been worn out, take it to your local recycling facility/center/collection site and send us a video of you recycling your YuYu Bottle to [email protected] and we’ll send you a code for 25% off your next YuYu Bottle purchase! 

Post it on social media

Want a 30% discount off instead? Simply share the video of you recycling your YuYu Bottle on your Instagram Story with the hashtag, #recyclingmyyuyubottle, screenshot the story and include it in your email to us.

Everyday practices we can all follow

In addition to recycling your YuYu Bottles, here are some basic practices you can incorporate into your everyday lives to reduce your footprint on the planet:

✔︎ Carry reusable eco-bags when heading out to the grocery store

✔︎ BYOU - Bring Your Own Utensils (forks, plastic, chopsticks) instead of asking for plastic utensils for your takeaways

✔︎ Carry a water bottle when you are on the go. Say no to single-use plastic!

✔︎ Recycle clean bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard. Make sure to keep food and liquids out of your recycling